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Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Every so often I drift in precaution of ever falling again, yet I fall…I fall again and again. O’ the irony that showers us as we danced in our platonic ecstasy and lost our footing in romance. You look at me quite different now, you question more, we talk less, I guess we were both lost in our own intimate game, where one of us had to be left with blame. Such a shame, the love games that people play, I must say, if the story ever was to be told I would refrain from using you as my protagonist. The agony of never having a feeling reciprocated, instead saying how we truly feel, we abbreviate it…can you explain this disdain feeling, I have mounting on the cliff of my heart, can’t you hear the pieces chipping away, falling apart. Only you were able to sew in what others  believed to be a fabrication, only you united what others tried to separate, but yet there is a void missing, there is truth in lies…isn’t there? We started with so much promise and ended in something less promising, it’s funny how life can take you full circle and misshape you at the same time…

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