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Monday, August 26, 2013

SunnyBoi's Blues

         Mama!!!,Don't Scream loud and cry mama, she can no longer hear you...please  no roses for mama she can no longer smell them. Mama been long gone for quite sometime now...don't cry now, no need to sigh now, stand proud in your prideful tears...don't plea to GOD to understand your pain now. Don't ask GOD WHY NOW...he will not listen. Pay attention closely to your gripes and see what they spew, look at you, see what you cry over, missing issues you found in memories that never mattered in the first place. See mama tried to warn, "shoulda' never been there mama".Take mamas hand from which you saw in the day you were born, now you cant even fathom the thought of such contemplated provoking memory...sympathy their is none, they don't reside here, don't live here anymore. See mama is no longer here to rub your wombs from her rough labored hands, mama ain't here to change that diaper, mama aint here to decipher your troubles, your tribulations, mama now resides where she cant hear you or me, no sympathy I have for you...nor does mama, cause now she can finally rest in peace.

              Poppa wasn't a rolling stone, more of the stone that kept it marks, poppa was that rock that withstood all wars, spare your thoughts of thinkin' of one without the other. Last time I checked WE were birthed through the same canal, created from the same testes, from the very man who invested in all his fatherly duties...fatherhood is somehow  ALWAYS misunderstood, held at a mediocre standard of trust, belief that we are fine without DADDY...gladly I see the features of my father creeping in, seeping in as fix my tie in the mirror. The message is plain and simple, no one wants to die of a broken heart, no one wants to sing that sorrowful one wants to clutch a cold palm that cant grip back...sit back and wonder, have a gander at your life, and ask what things you take for isn't lived on a see saw...memories don't live as people do, don't let memories define your sorrow...because at the end of the line of a life you once treasured is now gone...