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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Care... do You REALLY?

How can we survive the hard times without dwelling on the negative times ever so often, how frequently we succumb to our guilty pleasures of reminding ourselves how worthless we are. Think of all the good things that occur in our lives, do we really appreciate these things? why do we appreciate the rain more than the sunshine? Why do we take for granted the little things we value in this world...think about the time you thought about the life of a little ant? As ridiculous as you may think the question sounds, I challenge you to think about it. It correlates to how we think of ourselves and the things we value. I bleed to know how much I care for nothing, and salvage everything to go through nothing of significance. We should never take for granted precious times we have on this earth, I am sure we all thought the worst when the East Coast felt that earthquake yesterday, while in that disheveled state we were in, think of Haiti, think of Japan, think of Lousiana and Katrina. Were they any different? did we really care enough? I think of how we should speak of much more sincerity, walk in faith rather mope in doubt and hopelessness. Cherish life in its most delicate form, I realize everyday that I awake whether in the brightest of suns, or the darkest of days, I am blessed to be in the presence of LIFE. I care more than I ever did before...does it match the consistency of your care? I dare to ask such a question, but even more hesistant to know the answer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Human Soul

While my heart cries, my soul arrives, allowing me to remember that i once was human. My illusion through mass confusion befuddles me, cuddles me into a fetal state. My soul dies, my soul cries, lying beneath the core of what once was my own soul...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forget to Remember

I loved you....wait... I really fucking loved you!
I loved everything about you...from the bounce of your rhythmic sound...put me at ease, let me feel free, you allowed me to be me. You listened  when no one had the time to. I gander memories in the back of my mind of a time where we would talk for hours n the rain, sleet or knew me and i thought i knew you. I loved the attention others gave me cause of you...i suppose i have u to thank for giving me my identity...but identity that was never asked in the form of question that required a yes or no lied to me...betrayed me...Left me lost in a world i thought i knew...thank you for allowing me to know the real me instead of relying on lies that i never knew where there...thank you for i now know my true calling!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Like the force of nature and the strength of a million winds, the gumption of a stubborn soul, we stretch the muscle of the mind and inner twine them with the brains of illusions. How can we live in the life of the weak and live in our minds as a strong, persistent fetus that resides in our souls but clutches the fear of levitation. Unstoppable is what my sole purpose is for my souls purpose! we can remain powerless, until we are motionless. For the life of me we are conceived from the birth of courage and the death of hesitation. We are unstoppable, the immovable force of life is what forces us to become unstoppable!

Monday, August 8, 2011


You can never surpass what is not within your grasp. What has meaning in our lives never prospers to become of any relevance in later tides. The ocean floor sees more than what we will ever conquer, more than what we can ever imagine, here in the depths of the water. Rise above foreign land, smell the ripe fruitful take on life, explore more, believe to receive what we cannot comprehend, pretend what we find hard to imagine. Speak of what we silence often.  In the wake of night, while the dawn is sound asleep, we wait for our Sun to raise man.  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Comfort

We ran together amongst the alps and swung amongst the trees, we shook down all concerns and burdens.
what we failed to remind ourselves was in fact we are merely just human.
we fell, we fell, we fell, we surrendered to all applicable warnings, we foreseen our destiny shaped it, molded it into what we have before us now... we never trained our minds to climb such mountains of truth, our youth is what set us apart our ignorance is what brought us back together. however in a state of levitation you never question the height en route, just the difficulty en pursuit of the highest point. we danced until the music wore off, we sung until our voices were just echoes. the wind of the night, your eyes embodied everything i ever dreamed of in matrimony. But the fear of mother nature never let us be... My expectations of you were so overt... As my Heart Cried How ironic i found comfort in my own discomfort.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Run on Deaf Ears

Playing the forbidding game of life, the consequences are trifle for survival. We seep thru the woods of an optical illusion sincerity, clarity is what we really search for, furthermore, i secede from what i know to be real, i reside in a place i hide from the world. i share with my reluctance, i bathe in gluttony, i scream in mutiny. But somehow it soothes me, i am rarely the child of the night, i roam in the heart of the morning and feast in the belly of the noon. Gone so soon, i sing, i run to a tune far from the deaf ear, an elder within my young emotions are prancing, dancing around the jovial fire, i am sobbing with my desire.

Rest of my Life

Put time in the time you reside in, be careful of the time you waste, for life may past you by...with the wink of an eye, as the color of the sky, see time as a keeper, we weep upon what we lost for time is never an reciprocate of what we can revive. We cannot survive as do we live without a breath.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

mental NOTE

Never Settle for less, mental note to self. we always succumb to failure as if it were our only ally...


I am everywhere the world sent me to be…
You look up and I am there
You look down and I am nowhere to be found
Here and there, triumph and despair.
Look beyond the gander and see me
Search inside within yourself and search  through your soul
Grab hold of what is beyond your moist grasp.
Search for me and you shall find thee.