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Sunday, June 5, 2016


I want a love that is long lasting and true, I want a. Love that makes my heart still and beat at the same time, is it you? 
I want a love that makes me stop whatever I'm doing and give thanks to almighty jehovah, that I have been this fortunate, this blessed to be surrounded by your aura. 
I want a love that is not afraid to claim me, a love that is not afraid to tame me and tell me I'm wrong. 
I want a love Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee would be proud of. That everlasting, first thought in morning wake up call love, that "Bae is everything ok" "just cause is Thursday, not cause its your birthday kinda of love." Love that is everlasting, no spell can switch, you are my Queen... You could never be my Bitch. 
I want a love that sees me and all my imperfections, but still think I'm hand crafted perfectly. I want a love so real, you question if its as fake those 2 dollar bills, not to leave you in doubt, but that's the love I'm talking about. You never have to question my truth, because lies are wasted on the youth. I want a love that is unconditional...Traditional... As Love goes as will I... I want a love to know on my worst of worst days...I will always choose you. Grab my hand love, and "let's be nothing...I heard it lasts forever."

Monday, May 30, 2016

My another again

Not quite sure how we got here, 
Was it our vulnerability to our past.
How in your lowest of times, I can make you laugh.
Again, I find myself trying my best, again I find myself speaking in jest. 
Trying to find the difference of speaking from the heart and getting issues off my chest. 
Is love suppose to be familiar? Is it suppose to be a reminder? So I let go...of such haunting memories...of another again...No More.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Peace Be unto Her

"Peace be unto her, the world is on notice... 
She cried heavy rain from her eyes upon the clouds...
and the world noticed... 
Peace be unto the queen that strives to survive on her own...
I notice."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mental Poison



I will not be smitten by your aura, 
I pray you see thru your own hollow soul.
As you lose control of your insecurity, 
you feed the world your visual eulogy. 
control your mental mutiny...

                  Omar King McCray

Monday, April 11, 2016

Love letter

                           ❤️ Letter
I'm writing you this letter inscribed, I am sorry... I am sorry my future woman that I may never remember to empty the trash, I'm sorry to my future woman that I may constantly remind you of your tumultuous past. I am sorry that I may always forget to ask you if need anything before I journey outside to get myself some food, so rude. The gentleman in me may never want to come out to play, but the man in me will always be willing to get down on his knees and pray... I'm writing you this letter to show you that I know better... I'm sorry that my truth may never waver your belief in my past lies my queen, but I will spend a lifetime to prove it to you. No, Queen I will never second guess you, I will always and forever protect you, I will always and forever keep my integrity knowing I am solely a reflection of you... Thru and thru, keep me here with you as you are with me... My queen I am still learning...I just hope you can forgive me...
                          Omar King McCray

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Tomorrow is an imagination

                 Tomorrow is an imagination...
What if I do not wake from this dream known as today...
Thoughts of my yesterday's, seem like mirages on my mind.
As a newborn gasping for air I grew impatient, without proper knowledge of what truly means to be... Patient, patient, patience... 
The virtue of such thing, what calm must it bring to for it be such a virtue,my goal in this love life was never to hurt you.
I dreamt of you in my imagination,I watched you in my dream, your hands were as cold wintry wind...yet I pretend it was as warm as the summer breeze you left me in...
Tomorrow will come no doubt... The question lies, will you be there... Or will it be just an imagination. 

Open Wounds

                      Open Wounds 
Timeless, feeling hopeless.
Throwing salt on open wounds, hoping they heal as fast as they were made...
Open wounds, they are meant to be used as reminders, meant to be rewound in the mind as...reminders...
Open wounds don't call to say hello, they remain, claim they're pain, I demand to be heard, I demand to be felt! 
Open Wounds...soon heal only to be remembered as reminders.