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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The use

Whats the use of control...whats the use of self control,whats the use of self content. The many phases of man draws a perplex comparison of what we conjure up to what we build to be thoughts. but whats the use of it all, why should we pray on success while we fail to prevail on the day to day struggle of progression. I ask whats the use...whats the use of it all.

Poetry my only cup

There is a drink of life on the table of guilt sip it slow, never once thought I would lose my soul on the floor of memory and revived by my own thoughts of what I once in a life lived through...poetry my only cup, life is my only chaser...tho some may beg to differ, I beg for things to remain unchanged...the cup of poetry, saving every last drop for life is in the depths of this cup I drink and this cup may very well be the life of me...