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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4 Seasons

The 4 seasons
Teach for the minds of tomorrow,
Preach for the souls that are left unborrowed.
Search for the tears shed thru sorrow.
Seek joy in your trials, and seek refuge in your tribulations.
Atone all that is separate, and make right with all that is wrong with the world. Dance for the chance at freedom. Sing for the moment to rejoice loud, with glee...scream for your pride inside, don’t hide or allow your fear to reside in your heart, spread a part those demons, and wipe away the mirage of those lesions. People are like seasons, yes this is true, but what is a life without seasons...a question I ask unto you? We learn from our falls from autumn, we show our growth from the spring in our maturity, constant battles with cold wintry hearts keep the meek at bay and kind away... We too suffer but to what sum will we ever gain, we fall, we rise, all in the summer rain.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Broke Blues

Broke blues, yeah we all sung a similar tune... Hoping for better days praying they come soon. Look up and another bills is due, what else is new, I got bills on top of bills on top of student loans. I'm rubbing two quarters hoping it would turn into a dollar, this is the kind of trouble that made Marvin wanna holler, came close to a loan until my bad credit slowed it down and told me to hang up the phone! can't afford pipe dreams so I sleep on it and realize that I was awake during my realIzation. Yea I got the broke blues, the soft note blues, damn near close to singing on the train for change blues, close to pawn my wife's chain blues, but don't misuse such blues I'm no junky, just a financial flunky, who would rather look rich knowing I ain't got a dollar to my name. Shame what alittle conformity could do, I didn't buy these shoes for me, I bought them for you! I wanna feel the piercing stares as they glance at my wardrobe, knowing they can't afford such a look. But if you look deeper in my clothes you'd see holes in each pocket, lent in my wallet, empty metro cards, insufficient funds on my debit cards. Don't work till Monday but I front like everyday is Friday on my Instagram. Broke blues, I'm not going to ask mommy for it, cause in the midst of me asking, there's gonna be lecture, "your potential son, look what you've done, why are you so lazy?" Damn and all I wanted was $20 dollars and all I got was 20 cents worth of stress, in jest I should tap into my potential but damn why is it so hard to do something and so easy to do shyt!  No food in the fridge, no food in the cabinet, living off of bread and mayo till I get those benefits. Broke blues everybody has em, payday seems so far away, knowing damn well your pay is already spent away! And the same song is sung once again...broke blues...but look at my shoes tho!?