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Sunday, November 25, 2012


What makes friends so temporary? Is it the cold chill they give off like an afternoon January? Could it be the smiles they wear for miles on in, pleading for you to join in on there masquerade. I act dumb but to my own stupidity I was type casted as such unintelligible, incoherent being. Friends are a rarity, are they not? I feel obliged to speak for those who think in such doubt but all to hesitant to speak out... I release such frustration cause its more like a plague of what it really means to be...befriended... I wish to mend broken dreams, I hope set pride on its ear and allow him to hear my pulse for a change. I beg for change... As the homeless do... Hoping for a dollar in exchange... My memory
though lived and spoken in jest, they could never be refreshed, they can never be fixed or hacked or repaired... Or any other conceivable techy connotation. You ruined the word friend... And the meaning behind it... I gave you hints on its just could never find it. I pray that GOD forgives me for my non forgiving heart... F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are temporary...and you played your part!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Personal Legend by Ko-Lition

Personal Legend by Ko-Lition


The sex crazed, hyper active, criminal minded youth in genocide, run and hide the Zimmerman’s and Romney’s, but Stay Calm and tread softly! The price maybe cheap but the consequence is costly. The streets captured me! "They the SAME ones who put me ON now dudes be tryin OFF me. Petrified Forest, where the "hood rats Hump for free without having to Bogart your riches (think about it). A place where the hunger for riches outweighs the appetite for knowledge! Why college you ask? The task is more modern in the time of warfare and the call of duty refuses to answer to the people! I walk on thin ice at least twice a day, chasing pavements, the concrete floors cluttered with dog shit! Teenagers age faster than than the old folks do, they stay true to colors more than they do to their own mothers, the Feds bug us, the cops drug us, the pastor hugs us, tells us to give our life to a god who only answers his phone on Sundays, someday it will all make sense, how can my circumstance define my consequence? How can we ask them to repent when we have yet to show them the way! going through mental withdrawals, cash out thoughts of frozen deposits, my credit is shot to shit, can't take out a loan for a home. We grow up poor knowing the ceiling is living payday to payday... But the revealing truth is... We are still poor, whether morally, spiritually, financially! Being raised to be the Men and Women we are not ready to be! The best part of this worse case scenario is the fact that we believe the false pretense and make sense of our ironical circumstance.  Society’s clown we make up our identity without realizing that we allowed them to make us this way! Societies clown...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Troubled Man

28 Years Later (Troubled Man)

In the midst of this poem…I will pray for those whom I affected. I will pray for those whom I didn't have the courage to protect. I will pray for those whom I have yet found the pride to forgive! I imagine this poem would be taken as a blind man painting a picture of a lost child, but imagine a boy who takes advantage of such privilege of sight but chooses to live blindly, one who takes the brightness of the sun to remind him that he…is…alive. 28 years to this day, a boy was born to the world…momma says if it weren't for her miscarriage I wouldn't be here. You see she lost what would have been a boy, her lost joy, the one she never got to enjoy! You see then I came along November 3rd a gift my parents thought would never come to be…I vaguely remember my childhood…but the memories that do come to mind were the full house of children my mother and father help raise, all too often I would find empty cereal boxes on top of the refrigerator that always seemed to be covered in dried up corn oil. I remember my mother holding my hand as we would walk across the street...I remember…when I saw the world as candy land…ninja turtles were my thing back then…I barely survived my teenage years I spelled love…LUV not knowing the difference or meaning until later in life . not thinking of a wife that I would later marry…but when I do think of hearts that I have broken, residue of wounds of holes left in like old tokens…I think of you…I never understood the reason for my heart to commit such treason…you believed in what others couldn't understand…there I was a time where I fell in love with you…But I immediately denied the feeling…then I left you…I left you emotionally, not wanting to ever see you cry for me…but I did! I left you physically…literally mind, body and soul…but you remained there…  I stayed in fear…I wanted you near…I have you here now…what do I do…I reach out to YOU I  hug you…you say you feel nothing…anymore. Where do I go now…? After you… I thought…I would sought to find another you…how true to such journey I traveled to find another you…but to no avail…I could not. I realize I am not susceptible to change…I'm slowly rebuilding my remorse...allowing my nature to nurture me and my wisdom to break me free from Life’s temptations. Although my soul maybe translucent…my mind never strays from lucidity. My mind may be free…but I am chained to truth that I am refrained to speak from the heart…I AM BORN AGAIN.