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Monday, August 3, 2015


Is it my charismas that lead you to believe in every word?
I tend to rely more so on the truth.
LOVE, the word we take out of context.
LOVE we seek, from the strangest to the fondest of places.
With a word that holds as much value as money, we spend our lives to get some monetary recognition. 
I have yet to master such mawkishness, I have yet to control my mouth from spewing such vile atrocity…do I believe my own lies, I too often played the villain in the screenplay LOVE wrote for me. What you see isn’t always the truth, and what you hear isn’t always a lie. But here I am…thoughts in mind, mentally I rewind the tracks we made together, we harmonized together, we danced to the same tune, never missed a beat, our first dance…ironically was our last one. LOVE told me to stay  and SAVE MEMORIES, HAVE SOME’; you said LOVE told you to run. To your testament of romance we never had a chance. LOVE was it my lack of ambition? LOVE was it my complacency…? Did I not hold you tight enough, was the LOVE we made not sweet enough. Did MY LIES blind you from the LOVE you thought you deserved? I can’t make sense of what is or was already broken. My heart was open like an old NYC token. So yes I am broken LOVE. But you are not my enemy OR COULD YOU BE, you see I was broken a long time ago; I just needed your empathy.  I wasted days on days, listening to LOVES symphonies, but is it that bad when LOVE doesn’t even feel like it’s singing to me. You see one left me on cusp of summer and the other left me in the middle of the devils slumber. In the heat of the night I thought to myself, “I get it” I finally get it… what’s LOVE meaning to the LONELY? What is love to those who throw it away out of some type of metamorphic scarcity?  LOVE you scare me…you ONCE was someone I looked up to, then you transformed into the enemy that takes everything I LOVE away from me… such a double entendre you are LOVE. You said you would be here LOVE…BUT WHERE ARE YOU? YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE THAT WARMTH IN THE DEPTHS OF WINTER…WHERE ARE YOU …YOU CLAIM TO BE THE APEX OF WHAT THE HEART SEEKS…WHERE ARE YOU…LOVE what a Double Entendre you are….