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Monday, September 24, 2012

deja vu

Déjà vu
You cried harmony and sing about it…you rap a song of devotion and you scream about it…you talk a good game…when will you be about it…act like me through your foggy scene and you will see the translucent figurine. You pray quiet so the demons won’t hear you… you prey on the weak so the strong will fear you! Things aint all what it seems now…you pray loud now…your quiet thoughts found its boisterous presence now…you react without acting…you have become…what you have Been since then…now time goes back again…you sin again…and again…you prey on the weak to keep them at bay…you say no choice…I say you ran out of chances…

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Close Strangers

Close Strangers
We have become strangers who once shared the same memories…we used to be friends that shared the same moments of glee. The raptured seemed to capture us in the midst of our trips and falls.
We fell in love and out of hate…while soon enough we were to fall in hate and out of LOVE. Mistakes we both seemed to make but only one of us seemed to learn from.  The pain we both endured…yes it hurt some. We waited for the perfect lighting to lead us out of dark stages…yet we both loved the light we couldn’t bare to share the same stage…
What once brought us together…now brings us apart; we emancipated all doubt of setting free our own independence from one another’s shackles.
Allow us to go back to a world where no one knows us as well anymore…the world we left together… where LIFE was our fornever and our WORLD was forever.
Our hearts we took for granted, our memories we left stranded…you understood, while I overstanded, I often see you in my dreams as a memory that I once knew, we walk parallel as strangers do in the day break and as we conjure up the spirit to allow our souls to meet once more…I whisper your name once more…no more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Farewell Surreal

I want to be done with the world, I want to be done with the world, I want to be done with this plague that plagues me.

I despise this world, I so vehemently do! You see this world of ours screams and shouts with clout, without shadow of a doubt, I am without shame I am without blame aren’t I?

This cold world never provides a coat for the needy child. Trying to be faithful in a faithless world, while enabling the enabler to disable my…emotions.

 I want a life of purity and surely it exists somewhere in the realms of this world, I proclaim to such being that this world I want to escape from, howls such haunting conundrums.

Living life through these life lines, the puzzle of how we ever got here, is it fair we think of such anomaly as congruent to life in actuality?

I want out of this world, I want to levitate into a more surreal world of scattered cotton clouds, surrounding my summer rain of tears, I want to live in world of lilies and daffodils, Billie Holiday winters, and have a Donnie Hathaway Christmas in the spring time…but is that too sublime?

Are these thoughts all too transcendent to be real? The rhythm in my speech has my dreams at a far cry, but at a close reach…this is why my voyage for today…will start tomorrow and will end in the near future…

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

             As the day gradually fades… as the birds wings sway out of range…
We change.
 Whether the storm is great, the weather remains a constant…change.
We change.
We cry, we laugh as toddlers do at silly trances of strange…
We change.
I sit alone dwelling the town of my thoughts, wiping away the hurt that once left stains…
We change.
            My Pen in hand says to be disband your regard for memory and live as one time is meant to be…
We changed.