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Thursday, January 24, 2013


             Childhood runaway
Childhood memories when they were as easy 123's, these nostalgic epiphanies I sing with style and grace, wiping frowns from faces, I once layed smiles on. I remember my curfew was the street lights, red light, green light, 123, was played behind the building along with the pigskin till we had dead skin peeling from our paws, played football in the coldest of winter it was my December, I remember warming my hands over the boiling dinner. The days in the project staircases, racing with my cousin...wasn't the wealth that made us rich, it was the love that had us well off, days spent Gazing outside the window hope filled with doubt... All I knew was the childhood I never had...

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have to let go of my mistakes and take them for what they are...stars don't align by a small mishap but perhaps it did... Would it regret the shot it took to the sky...would it shoot for the moon and wait for a reply? I'm bothered by it, frankly I am overwhelmed. The helm is at the stake of silence, the revolt that is going on inside me! I can't win...I can't win...I lose if I chose, But a true winner knows when he really lost...