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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I fell in love with happy endings…I fell in love with happy endings…I almost forgot my beginning and my journey to get there. Everything seemed ever so climatic…I fell in love with the struggle…I was the protagonist; it rained quite often, no spaces in between the lines of false hope. Although in the scenes of travesty, I progressed through my lines, I rehearsed the heartache and succumb to my fate…I fell in love with the journey…I fell in love with the yearning, I fell in love while she burned for me, I fell in love while she purred for me…in her you see I saw promise…in her you see I felt solace… her assurance guides me, it allows me to propel my belief in a moral…in a moral I know nothing about, she has me at her beckon call…for I fell in love I did. Amidst her clouds and shrouds of heaven, I pretend for a moment and see her in my pleasant beginning, knowingly she may not be my forever in the end…Our happy ending may not be as the ones Disney depicts, or a drew Barrymore flick…the one I fell in love with is a bit more subtle…more true to form…the bumps on the road never lets up…you contemplated giving up all too often, we serenade each other with doubts,  allowing the Chellos and violins control our souls symphony…wondering mid climatic scene, “is this love really meant for me” …”am I worthy of such benediction?” my heart and mind have come in confliction with my fate…all of this sets up for the major let down in the end…a dramatic scene of desperation, that jolt to the last train leaving for Paris…or that last flight that you just might miss…you don’t…she is not there…as you sulk in anguish and letdown, you turn around…….only to hear someone faintly yell out your name…all the shame you once endured, it is now released and set free.  “How could this be?” you asked…the day you wrote and lived in your happy ending.

Write to Make it Right!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Curious Thoughts Of Omar Michael McCray

The pitch and scene was black, no ventilation to breathe... Every day was night...time was timeless... But before that time I was secluded. Held in a one solitary position, their were psalms being sung, words upon words expressed past reflections of me... Fainted weeps and Mary crying reclining the thoughts of never seeing the light of day... Stain glass surrounds me, the choir sings... I am brought into a lifeless room. People then try to revive me... Succumbing to a bright light that impairs my vision. I see hands reaching out to me and distant voices becoming more and fainter. Upon my arrival to such a place...I was embraced with cold chills and ominous scents of rancid horror. I drift, I drift... I am drifting. I took that chance on that flight, my might got the best of me, and I saved a soul while risking my own... Drift farther to a time of adolescence i was care free. Times of blue skies… I left my yesterdays behind to gain focus on today for my future tomorrows. The sorrow of the past casts a spell on my aura... I forgot my path and was found in a lost world. In my younger memory, foggy drizzled thoughts...cascading amidst my faults and swimming in my triumphs, I develop slowly, covered up my drive with my mask of unconventional potential...I lost my one and only desire. Now as I lie in a bed that was once upon a time made for me, I cried for attention, I wailed for milk from the nectar of my mother's bosom. Drifting...drifting...I am awaiting my interpretation of reasoning...I see no color just shades of grey...the shades turn to black... Where vision once was...a baby is born...

Write To Make it Right!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Morning LOVE Awaken...

      I fell in LOVE this morning I did, I fell in a LOVE so deep I forgot that I was awake…yet I have awaken the sentiment you have bestowed upon me, it roars in glee, it screams in jovial unison. The way you make me feel, reels of a surreal sensation, captivated by my hearts jubilation. My interlude would prelude to your kiss…it would prelude to me loving every minute of ecstasy, with LOVE next to me why not savor the moment of this morning LOVE. I fell in love I did, the mood was sanguine… the morning sun rose in the glare of your hair and for a moment I lost sight…by the next blink of an eye… I was left with love by my side…I fell in LOVE I did…and for the rest of my life.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Remembering My Winter Wonderland

        In the winter of my dreams, I saw snowflakes, made snow angels in the sand of white thoughts. I    bathed in the frost of the night; I carried pedals to the shovel, muffled in this winter wonderland.  The aroma of your winter fresh soul, I take hold of you knowing that this winter of mine is far from over. I am sober, yet intoxicated by the wealth of toxic truth. My years may be plenty; my thoughts maybe empty…no Santa in the chimney… in my winter wonderland… by hand I make snowball dreams, I throw them against the window pane of shame. Where I shiver in a cold bliss, I dare to rekindle of flame for warmth and do away with this feeling of the calm cold air…I bid a farewell to thee; the coldest winter in my heart is now getting warmer as the spring trees begin to grow. I am remembering my forgotten winter wonderland.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost and Found Adolescence

The adolescent lost its way in search of answers to hot to hold... The adolescent has lost its way...having a  CHILD don't make you a MAN CHILD...babies  having babies for the sport of sex. Using protection, out of the question... The answer comes after your first ejaculation....yet you let lil Wayne tell you how to love and drake serenade you with somber melodies and thinking Shyt that's how I wanna live. Yet you recite their verses...with curses, thinking thats you in the studio... So far from reality, you forgot your way to the real world... Your home... Damn I hate to see the adolescent waste potential, the ignorance they perpetuate. The adolescent we patiently wait on you to mature, but maybe we want you to grow up too fast... But that's what you want right...yo pants hang low, moping around aimlessly with nowhere to go, you wait on line to for sneakers funded by the hard work of your parents... My youth where are you in this world... The echoes of lost songs in there deliverance...the adolescent please pick up your pants, take your hat off, watch your language... Respect your elders... Live like you have some sense kind of like a gentlemen so to speak... Ahh there you are my adolescent brother... There you are...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Pretty Girl Interlude

The pretty girl you see…is it all that you dream of? That bag you wear so well on the left wrist of your fate. I am damned to know the answer to the questions in your mind, like why are you so blind pretty girl? The world is yours don’t you know it…I’m sure you will be able to spend more time on your hair and nails, and if all else fails you have the rent money to subdue your desire, want and need… but who am I to judge you…for the pretty girl that you are, you still don’t know how far you are from imperfection. There is something about the glare in your stare…the pretty girl I see…you don’t allow that true inner beauty to show…believe me pretty girl, you are what you show, a figure full of beauty, but the inside of you is just too shy to show and its true…that pretty girl inside you…


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Sunday Brunch Conversation! (Excerpt From New Book) The Wait

    Ice coffee and a blueberry muffin… what are thoughts to an empty brain, what is crazy to a man that’s sane? What’s plaid to plain, who’s left to blame, shame or fame? The mundane yawn’s at the bore of excitement. The ignorant plagues its world with enlightenment, I am frightened in the daylight, and I am unruffled in the blackness. The opposite of me is empty; one word that is a synonymic of me is irony. I go above the noise and below the treble, the level in which I can manage and sustain…sanity.  The richness in your stature brings out the poorness in your values. Whatever miscues, you use as excuses, the abuse in your self afflicting wounds I assume you have felt such pain before. You restore what is familiar to you…I see through the glass that you hold as your mask…you wear with such amenity…I am in the same boat you..i don’t know my true self, I rely on random thoughts that define me at the moment, I wonder if this mind, body and soul could atone for once and let this random heart beat in peace...