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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Eulogy for My Will

The Eulogy for My Will

According to the pulse from my heart, I am alive, but dead to the world I feel…yet…I…. I cannot feel remorse for those who waste their lives on redundant retrospect. I expect the ignorant to understand and the sane to overstand! The eulogy meant for me...I tame the thought of regret...May you allow my living testament resound longer than my dying words...may you allow my present existence be what you think of when you ponder my departure, do not concentrate solely on lost time rather than find that clock on the wall we so effortlessly overlook we took for granted...don’t profit from my demise...stay humble in my death...stay in the line of my faith...In my absence, the love that resides in the breast of you, save for me what is left of you.  Stay wise for the earth will still revolve and life will endure through its ageless progressions. The thought of being an afterthought never bothers me, but what would you think after me? Is what lies in the puddle of questions drenched in sorrowful tears. Remain the same, grow as a plant would, resemble the stem from which you came, stay wise… as wood. In the grammar of love, never plagiarize or fabricate your truth…live what you speak and speak what you live…respect all that is genuine and disregard the façade…My eulogy for my will…

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