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Thursday, August 2, 2012


I watched the world from a fourth floor back room project window...where roaches were distant cousins that lived under the kitchen sink, I grew from a fetus that came from the Scrotum of a man who believed in the civil rights movement, I replenished my thirst from the bosom of a woman who taught me to fear no man but God. But through those Hollow fragmented project walls, I heard all the dreams and becoming’s of nightmares, I felt all the pain endured, never to be cured by anything or anyone! I evolved from a place where two people made a two bedroom apartment a home for a family of 10. I am forever and will forever be in depth to the amount of wealth in love I received from these two people, I often caught the wrath of tough labor days, I went through the many dilemmas of a misunderstood adolescent living in the present household of old school habits. But through trial and error I succeed, and seceded from the nest you knew I would return to…for that…I thank you!
Love you MommaPoppa

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