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Sunday, June 5, 2016


I want a love that is long lasting and true, I want a. Love that makes my heart still and beat at the same time, is it you? 
I want a love that makes me stop whatever I'm doing and give thanks to almighty jehovah, that I have been this fortunate, this blessed to be surrounded by your aura. 
I want a love that is not afraid to claim me, a love that is not afraid to tame me and tell me I'm wrong. 
I want a love Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee would be proud of. That everlasting, first thought in morning wake up call love, that "Bae is everything ok" "just cause is Thursday, not cause its your birthday kinda of love." Love that is everlasting, no spell can switch, you are my Queen... You could never be my Bitch. 
I want a love that sees me and all my imperfections, but still think I'm hand crafted perfectly. I want a love so real, you question if its as fake those 2 dollar bills, not to leave you in doubt, but that's the love I'm talking about. You never have to question my truth, because lies are wasted on the youth. I want a love that is unconditional...Traditional... As Love goes as will I... I want a love to know on my worst of worst days...I will always choose you. Grab my hand love, and "let's be nothing...I heard it lasts forever."

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