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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

4 Seasons

The 4 seasons
Teach for the minds of tomorrow,
Preach for the souls that are left unborrowed.
Search for the tears shed thru sorrow.
Seek joy in your trials, and seek refuge in your tribulations.
Atone all that is separate, and make right with all that is wrong with the world. Dance for the chance at freedom. Sing for the moment to rejoice loud, with glee...scream for your pride inside, don’t hide or allow your fear to reside in your heart, spread a part those demons, and wipe away the mirage of those lesions. People are like seasons, yes this is true, but what is a life without seasons...a question I ask unto you? We learn from our falls from autumn, we show our growth from the spring in our maturity, constant battles with cold wintry hearts keep the meek at bay and kind away... We too suffer but to what sum will we ever gain, we fall, we rise, all in the summer rain.

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