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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Wait for Hunger FREE VERSE POETRY

I teach peace thru action... You teach revenge thru reaction...I can't teach you how to BE... But I can show you how to BE! I can mold the truth in wet paint...working with "you is and you ain'ts". Pleading for mercy of what hurts me...personally I'm too in tune with myself, Need to exfoliate my bare skin I hide in. I reside in the guys who guided the 3 wise men...I'm such a prefix of previous occurrence and in case you need some reassurance...I can only assure you death and pain but I can reassure the sun will soon rise after it rains... I soon hope you will overstand my plea... That life is lived  thru the seasons... And the very reasons that we are here are to see the SUN rise and FALL...WHETHER the COLD chills of past due bills and struggle that SPRING UPON faith into those who believe otherwise... Word from the wise Be conscience... Because you can't con-science! 


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